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sinus & skull base surgery

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Sinus disease commonly affects about 15% of the population, and can cause symptoms including nasal obstruction, facial pain, decreased sense of smell and nasal discharge. All of which can affect someone’s life significantly.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery is the name given to a group of procedures to treat severe or difficult sinus disease. In the past these operations would involve using external incisions (or cuts) to gain access to the right area, but in more modern times surgery can be done with an endoscope through the nose. Mr Shahz Ahmed is one of the pioneers of the technique, being featured on multiple news outlets for his results. He is also the first surgeon to perform surgery on a cancer in the skull base through the nose with only local anaesthetic. 

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Please find below links to information sheets regarding different aspects of sinus and skull base surgery. It is important you read these before your operation for both understanding and the recovery process.

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